Customer Testimonials

The initial problem and one I'm sure all clubs face, is how do you accommodate all the members when everyone will have a different preference on shirt type, colour size etc.But also most companies want a large order as a minimum, this is impractical when a club has a multiple phase membership. PB Teamwear have very clearly identified this problem and solved it all in one neat little package.

We chose the Spiro range as it provided us with the broadest range based on our members requirements. The colour range and styles fitted perfectly into what we needed for a team kit.

Firstly the quality is excellent, if you're going to pay good money for a top you want it to deliver the same qualities that you would expect from a normal sports brand. The kit that PB Teamwear provide does exactly this. Secondly the service from PB Teamwear is superb, they take the time to understand your clubs needs and suggest the best route to furnishing your club in the ideal range.

We would whole heartedly recommend using PB Teamwear, they understand sport and the requirements of a local club. The provision of an online shop specifically for your club is invaluable in providing a flexible and very professional service and image for your respective club. It helps give members the choice of ordering as when they need and allowing new members to get a branded top as soon as they join rather than having to wait for the next season or hoping that the club has ordered a batch in store, hoping that your size is amongst


— Lee Hampton, Church Street BC

A really good range which is easy to see on the website and show to other people. The ease of everything to set up and be able to share the service with club members. Cost of set up was very attractive as normally companies charge an expensive fee. We absolutely recommend the service it takes the strain out of one person ordering for a club and people can order clothing at any time at all. Perfect.

— Alex Harkins Tennis Development Officer, Meadows TC

Prior to going ahead with the shop we worried about quality and fit of the clothes, quality of the logos etc, ease of use of the website, ability to address each of these (for the population of club members who would be using the site). Also I was worried about getting consensus from the group around some of the decisions we had to make! 

We chose mainly on the basis of design something that would suit the sport, be comfortable and stylish, represent the club well and be liked by as many people as possible. The products were exactly as we had hoped – very pleasing quality, great looking logo and back printing etc. 

The sizing details on the website have proven to be spot on, and people are buying the kit with confidence. What surprised me most was Paul (the owner) and his willingness to engage with us to help us make the difficult decisions MUCH easier to take. At the start we were even unsure about the club logo and how it would look. 

Paul helped us with some different versions / positioning of both logo and back printing, to help us visualise what the kit would look like.  This was really invaluable (essential) as I was able to take these prints back to the team and get the consensus view from everyone. Inevitably there were some changes as our thinking developed, but Paul patiently stayed in close step and quickly captured the various options to help us get to the final version. 

He was really delightful to work with throughout, and was clearly 100% committed to helping us make the decision that was right for us.  He was very knowledgeable about the kit, and gave good advice along the way. Never salesy, just informative and extremely helpful. Paul also alerted us to some unforeseen aspects of the kit that helped us make the very best decisions out of the gate.

I would absolutely recommend this service. Partly because I’m not aware of any other company doing this, but mostly because of the exceedingly good care and attention thatPaul provided us with during the set up process. Last week at the club AGM the team gave me a bottle of champagne for taking the lead on the kit.  However I know that Paul deserves this every bit as much as me, because it just wouldn’t have been possible without him and PBTeamwear. Thanks Paul from everyone at C.M.B.C

— Bill Hester, Chalfont Monday Badminton Club 

With any new online endeavour, we were concerned that company’s similar to PB Teamwear come to the market and then cannot sustain their position and close. We have been bitten in the past with kit suppliers offering cheap products and 12 months later they don’t exist. PB Teamwear seems to have a good client base and sustainability. 

We aren’t / weren’t particularly fussy about a brand just the quality and sustainability of a product. As a user for team kit the last thing you want is to choose a kit and a year later see it discontinued. So far so good. We wanted a simple online service to take the hassle out of ordering kit ourselves for team members.

PB Teamwear has been great at supplying mock-ups of kit in a range of colours and styles. The system work well and has recently been improved.The online club site is a great and easy way to have your club members buy the top they want without the club having the hassle of checking and confirming sizes taking money ordering the wrong size etc. etc.. not getting payment. The online site allow the player to order the right kit straight to their door.

—  Chris Tompkins, Kennet Jr & Berkshire County Badminton

Prior to ordering the only concerns we had was our club was quite small so we wouldn't be able to put in a very big order, we thought there might be a minimum. We chose the Spiro range as we liked the design and you could get shirts, shorts and trousers to match the tops in that brand. The products are of an excellent quality and the goods were all delivered very quickly.

I would recommend the service to any club, you were so helpful whenever we had any problems and you set up the club shop really quickly. With having the club shop it was up to individuals to buy what they wanted, when they wanted, so the club had no hassles with money and ordering stuff. If we had any problems you were only an email away and everything was sorted straight away which makes a welcome change from other businesses I work with. Keep up the good work :)

— Maressa Munro, Dunvegan BC

Companies providing sportswear to clubs often require the club to put money up front for set up costs; eg, producing the club logo. Other companies that we had approached were, it will cost you this to set things up before you even started; working with pbTeamwear was the opposite! It was, "let me have your club logo and we can get the setting up done." 

A few emails later and the logo was ready - easy!! Choosing the brand (Akoa) and products was done by one of our younger members in one evening! OK, the committee made the final decision but they did not disagree with the choices made. If a young person can do it that easily then it has to be easy!Paul is very approachable and he responds to enquiries quickly. We had the first top in our hands within ten days of starting the process.

The quality of the clothing and the applied logo / lettering are good and survive session after session and wash after wash!!

Tavyside Badminton wholly recommends PB Teamwear for its club team wear. No set-up costs and a club shop means that Tavyside Badminton does not have the problem of collecting in money, working out sizes - we leave that all to our members to do! And our players are 'proud' to wear their pbTeamwear kit when representing Tavyside Badminton: it gets us noticed for the right reasons!!

— Alan Berry, Tavyside Badminton 

We chose Akoa for the simple reason that it was range and colour scheme that I could replicate in Male and Female style. So many ranges don’t offer this, and for a unisex club, it’s essential.I was pleased with the speed of service, and the personal touch. The quality of the products is good too. My shirt is washed every week, and still looks like new after a whole season.It takes the hassle away from having to build single orders and get money from people. A no-brainer to be honest.

— Rob Sutton, Thame BC

We were concerned the quality may not have been good enough and how long it would take to arrive from order. We also wanted to be sure payment was secure. We started small with our club shirt and then expanded to shorts and tracksuits. What surprised me was how simple it all was to design and set up. The quality of all of the products is top notch.Highly recommend the service because the supplier is so helpful and it is so easy to do. The products are fantastic quality for the price.

—Clive Jones, Wendover BC

I thought the price for the shirts was excellent, including the embroidered badge. The shirts look fantastic when playing matches & helps promote Team spirit.  Both Teams gained promotion this season so they definitely gave us some luck. Everyone at the club is really happy with the product.

— Warren Mate, Killamarsh BC


All elements of the service are good, from discussing our requirements to receiving sample sizes and the turnaround time. we recommend PB Teamwear (and have done so).

— Rosita Hoyle, St Anselms Ladies BC

We chose the Elite technical polo shirt, reasonable price, air mesh breathable material. Easy to wash & dry.The Quick service from yourself with samples of shirts & badges sent out in a timely manner and patience and understanding with difficult orders.We recommend the service the overall experience of setting up the team with club shirts has run smooth the only difficulties was on our side trying to organise design colour and sizes. Overall simple easy process for setting up club teamwear!

— Allan Jones, KCF BC